Marketing and Sales Processes

Sales and Marketing Process Optimization

Marketing and Sales processes are Mission critical in every organization. The process starts with understanding the customer and its market and working backward to aligned your business processes to serve the customer.

Our services consists of:

  • Sales force optimization
  • Sales channel optimization and management
  • Product Planning, positioning and launch
  • Build Country-specific Strategy and Organization

Effective Account Management

Building an effective Key strategic accounts Management team means building an organization that is structured and prepared to align its heartbeat with the one for its customer.

Tender Process Management

Tender process management requires dedicated and Well-Focused team. It is driven by specified schedule and its required content. Teamwork, Quality and Efficiency of the business process Management during this period plays an important role in delivering an outstanding result.

Branding and brand Management

It is all about recognizing and identifying your company to what it stands for and remembered by Do it well the first time!!!